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The only person that will love you more then they love them self is your dog! So give them the quality they deserve !
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CeeCee’sgrooming is an independent family run buisness. We aim to give your pet the best care they deserve! Offering 1-2-1 services focusing solely on your pets needs and desires, creating a holistic approach to suit your pooches. The goal is to offer a luxury spa to your dog whilst creating a calming relaxing environment and giving them their welfare needs. 
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CeeCee’sGrooming luxury spa experience 


Trustworthy & loving. 

My Grooming services are offered to all breeds from the smallest to the largest! Offering a 1-2-1 service means they get full on attention through out the whole process. 
Upon  consultation this is where we will discuss all your wants and needs suitable for your dog. The groomer will also carry out an assessment on your dogs coat/skin  and a general all over health check. 
Whilst building a bond with your dog and seeing their  boundaries we will also carry out an assessment on their temperament whilst taking down any important confidential information about them to keep them happy and safe through out their stay. 

Dogs with Dog Walker



Is your dogs fur just constantly shedding all over the house?  on your clothes coming out in clumps?Get in touch to book a session!
Our Deshed treatment is a special shampoo and conditioner With a combination of omega 3 &6 oils That promote healthy skin and coat. 
The shampoo offers a thorough cleanse to the coat and the conditioner helps loosen any tangles and unwanted undercoat, this helps us when we brush/ blast and furminate the fur to remove all the excess dead undercoat. Doing this can dramatically help Reduce shedding at home. 

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Full groom 

5* treatment 

A full groom includes;•A deep tissue massage and  a complimentary facial for your pet. •A cleansing shampoo• A hydrating conditioning treatment •Leave in keratin& protein conditioner.• Blowdry Brush/ fluff dry•Ear clean •Nail clip •Pads & hygeine trim •A full body hair cut to your choice or dogs needs. •Finishing shine spray •Finishing spritz & a free bow or bandana ! 

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Bath and brush 

The Best for Your Pet

Is your dog just a bit smelly? Rolled in something they shouldn’t have and just need a spruce up? Bring them in for just a bath and blowdry! 
This includes a full body massage and a complimentary blueberry facial! •A cleansing wash & a hydrating condition treatment •Leave in keratin&protein treatment•Blow-dry / fluff dry and a brush out. 
•Finishing shine spray & spritz ! 
This is a good way to keep on top of your pets coat condition in between grooms. 
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Wash & tidy 

Putting Your Pet First

This is a good maintenance option for your pets ! This service includes;
•A full body massage and complimentary facial.• A cleansing shampoo wash •A hydrating condition wash• Leave in keratin and protein treatment •Blow dry / fluff dry & a Brush out •Pads &hygeine trim •Nail cut •Ear clean •Eye trim& paw trim. •Finishing shine spray & spritz ! 

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Chihuahua Bath

Puppy groom 

Puppy introduction 

Puppy grooms are so important in the early stages of your dogs life making it easier for the dog and the groomer , building a relationship with the dogs making them feel comfortable with their surroundings sights/smells/touch. It’s so important to do a couple sessions before the age of 6 months old to access behaviour and know what’s right for the dog. This is advised  from as soon as they are allowed to walk on the floor being up to date with all vaccinations. 
This includes;•a gentle cleaning shampoo & complimentry soothing facial with a full body massage. •Blowdry/ fluff dry and brush out•Ear clean and nail clip•Pad& sanitary trim. •Tidy up the paws and a eye trim. 
• Shine spray and finishing spritz with a free banana ! 

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Three French Bullgod Puppies

Spa add ons 

The Best for Your Pet

Is your pet suffering from dry cracks paws and nose? We do a paw and nose balm to hydrate and soothe any irritation ! This can be added on to any treatment from £3 
Is your pet scooting it’s bottom along the floor blocked up the back passage ? We do anal glands release from £10
Is your dogs teeth getting tar and breath starting to smell? We do teeth brushing all around your pets gums and teeth to prevent it from getting worse finishing off with a breath foam keeping it smelling minty fresh! This can be added on from £5 
Please phone up to enquire about ultrasonic teeth cleaning. 

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Dog Spa

Exra charges

Putting Your Pet First

We offer targeted dematting from £10 extra if you’re pooch is suffering from some hard to get tangles we are here to help get it out! 
If your dog is solidly matted there will be a matting fee charge of £10 as it means having to clip through a dirty coat which then ruins the blades. 
Washing the coat will tighten the matts making it more uncomfortable for your pet and doing unnecessary prolonged drying . 

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Dog Grooming Tools

Please contact me to find out more about my current availability.

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Ask Me Anything

What methods of payment do you accept ?

We accept cash , Card & contactless payments. 

Is there parking ? 

Yes, there is free parking directly outside the studio house. 

Do you have a cancellation policy ?

Yes please supply no later than 48 hours notice to cancel or reschedule your appointment.  if you do a last-minute cancellation or a no-show to your appointment this will result in a loss of deposit.